How You Can Systematically Apply Billion-Dollar Business Principles to Achieve Exponential Business Growth, Provide EXTREME Customer Service, And Create Raving Loyal Fans For Your Business?

Tired of Seeing your Revenues Stagnate, Never Being Fully in Touch with Your Customers, and Feeling INFURIATED with Competitors Forcing You to Compete on Price?

What If I Told You that You Could…

See Your Revenues SKYROCKET, Get UNBELIEVABLE Reviews From Your Clients, Add New Customers EFFORTLESSLY

…And Do It All While RAISING Your Prices?

(Sounds a little hard to believe? Just keep reading…)

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West Palm Beach, Florida – June 28 & 29, 2019

John Di Lemme

On June 28 & 29, 2019, I'm hosting the *2* Day Closing and Marketing Boot Camp in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The event will be an IMMERSIVE *2* days absolutely packed with actionable information on how to scale your business, grow your revenues, develop world-class customer service, and more…

I’m happy to say that…

Last year's boot camp was such a huge success that the attendees were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by all the content and value they received.

Check out what Carol said about the Boot Camp (and she will be back again for this year's event)...

Check out what Dr. Ira said about last year's Boot Camp and he will be back again from Virginia for the 2019 Closing and Marketing University Boot Camp...

Ira Bloomfield with John Di Lemme

"Another fantastic event! Now, I am a double doctor with my Ph.D. in Marketing from John Di Lemme. This event is a must for anyone that wants to transform their business and their profits!"

- Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician & Consultant

What Happens at the *2* Day Closing & Marketing University Boot Camp?

During this Intensive *2* Day Boot Camp, I unleash Proven Closing & Marketing Principles used by Some of the Biggest Companies in the World…

Strategies and Techniques Normally Reserved Only for Those Who are “In The Know”

Billion Dollar Business Principles used by Giants like Amazon and Ritz-Carlton

Principles that seem Obvious Once you Hear Them, but Practically No One is Applying them Correctly (or at all!)

The same Closing & Marketing Principles, Strategies, & Tools my Clients have Used to Successfully Build MULTIPLE Multi-Million-Dollar Businesses, many of whom will attend this Exclusive Boot Camp AGAIN to Learn How They can Grow Even Further!

You'll Discover Principles that can be Applied to Optimize and Scale Every Single Part of Your Business...

From the *crucial first interaction* you have with your potential clients and customers; what you need to do to stand out to prospects who hear the same-old pitches from your competitors every single day, how you can make a solid first impression, and more…

Following Up - The single best thing you can send to your customers over and over again, with every time pushing them a little closer to ordering your service - it’s simple, easy to make, and speaks directly to the real needs, wants, and unanswered questions your customers have…

How you should manage the DELIVERY of your products or services, to absolutely shatter through your clients expectations and make them loyal customers for life… plus give you UNBELIEVABLE reviews that’ll provide undeniable proof to new prospects as to why they need to try your business…

Behind-The-Scenes - How you should set up your business IN ADVANCE, plus how to manage it EVERY DAY before your customers see it - making sure the whole business flows smoothly & is attractive to your customers…

Carol Smith with John Di Lemme

The Closing and Marketing Boot Camp helped me understand the importance of listening to my clients so that I hear the exact problem they are experiencing, and I can confidently recommend a product or service that will solve that problem.

The event also assisted me with using client reviews in my marketing to grab the attention of new clients. Thanks for teaching so much content that I can implement immediately in my business!

- Carol Smith, Mark of Excellence Construction Company Owner

What’s Included?

Like Many of the Past Attendees, You’ll Likely be Shocked at the UNBELIEVABLE Amount of Pure Actionable Principles, Techniques, and Business Strategies that will be Shared During this Event!

Take a Look at Just SOME of the Information that will be Revealed...

A Taste Of What You’ll Discover at the Boot Camp…

Why having a business card or a social media account is worthless at best, and a huge gaping time-sink at worst… and the one thing you need to hand out to *every* single potential client you see to have the best chance of securing their business

How these same Closing & Marketing Principles have helped 3 students in wildly different industries achieve TREMENDOUS revenue growth

How treating every single day as DAY 1 in your business can completely revolutionize the way you do business and the results you get

Why you should NEVER stop moving forward and developing yourself further… and why you need to keep improving *daily*… EVEN IF you’ve already ‘made it

The best way to determine whether your day was a success or not, and how you can stay accountable to your goals…

Why the next level of marketing is in relationship building (and not in ‘sales tactics’ or ‘sales tricks’)

How you can stop trying to sell AND get more business at the same time

Lawyer Carol Grant was blown away by the last event and you will see her again at the Boot Camp in June...

Carol Grant with John Di Lemme

What an outstanding and extraordinary event! The champions in the room are inspiring, encouraging and success driven.

I am building an iconic law practice to change lives. My dream of being an attorney was renewed at this event. The impossible is possible for me!

- Carol Grant, Lawyer

The paradoxical reasons why lowering your price can kill your sales, and how *doubling or tripling your price point* in the correct way can result in explosive revenue growth!

The reason why having competition is a good thing, and how to stand apart from them no matter what your service or product is, or what industry you’re in…

Why “Closing” is a horribly ineffective and counter-productive mindset to have when you’re marketing your services… Plus, the exact word you need to use to reframe it and mutually get more value out of your client relationships

Why ‘working harder’ often WON’T solve your real business problems… and how not having solid systems is the main reason most businesses fail

One absolutely essential skill for marketing and building relationships everywhere you go… and how you can practice it!

Why you should never pre-judge a potential client(it’s easy to mess this up… and getting it wrong means huge losses of revenue in the long term - Here’s how you can prevent it…)

The one thing that you’ll need to master before others can respect you and your business…

Why sales people are fake, and marketers are real.

The EXACT, word-by-word phrases that connect your product or service to what the buyer really wants in a way that’s almost irresistible to them…

Christa Krzeminski with John Di Lemme

Thank you so much for the incredible, life-changing event! I am just blown away by the amount of content and the quality and depth of it.

I found the simple, powerful and ready to use subjects to be very helpful, and I am ready and excited to implement immediately.

The value of the events are priceless. I know this event will just catapult me. Thank you again for such an amazing event and your leadership!

- Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Chiropractor & Wellness Expert

AND Dr. Christa will be back again for this year's event!

Why the world’s richest man - Jeff Bezos - is so obsessed with customer service… how it’s absolutely essential to your entire business economy… and why the more you learn about your client, the more you earn…

Why your competitors should be completely *aggravated* when looking at your marketing

Learn the 2 most powerful attention-grabbing words in the English language… Amazon and Google based their entire business models on these 2 words… here’s how you can use them in your business

The 1 word that you can put in *every single marketing piece you ever send* to instantly increase demand, trigger scarcity, and boost your sales…

The daily question you need to ask yourself to keep advancing to the next level again and again in your business…

How you can *WOW* your customers into referring you to everyone they know, and make them feel that there’s someone out there who truly cares about them…

The best types of bonuses you should give to your clients, and how you can make these bonuses to make your clients feel special every time…

What and Who you absolutely NEED to cut out of your life if you want to build and maintain positive momentum

The #1 technique you can use to render your competition irrelevant, simply by using this simple technique…

How a lack of confidence can completely sabotage any chance of success you’ll ever have…


All this Incredibly Powerful Marketing & Business Knowledge Plus More was Unleashed and Exposed...

Knowledge You Could Immediately Start Applying to Your Business

Completely overturning your entire marketing strategies…

Changing the way you carry yourself and the image you project to your clients…

The type of marketing you send out…

What type of VALUE you offer to clients…

How you can raise your prices without losing revenue…

And gain the ability to turn new customers into LOYAL, RAVING FANS…

Don’t Believe Me? Read What These Champions have to Say...

Wendy Albino with John Di Lemme

This has been the most educational and emotionally moving Closing and Marketing Boot Camp ever!

There was so much direction in improving our businesses with the unbelievable amount of ideas, knowledge, and time-tested expertise!

- Wendy Albino, Home Health Concierge

Mark Smith with John Di Lemme

John is on the cutting edge of today's marketing. So many nuggets that I know will absolutely catapult my business.

John doesn't come up for air, from the first minute until the last. He is on his game!

There is not another coach or mentor in the world that has changed more lives and transformed more businesses than he has.

- Mark Smith, Owner of Mark of Excellence Construction

Carolann Brockman with John Di Lemme

This is my third Closing and Marketing Boot Camp. They keep getting more powerful, more motivating, and drive me to my next level.

To be immersed in such great teachings and to be around all the champions is mind-blowing. There is no doubt when you implement what you are taught by John Di Lemme you will be successful! It's amazing how many lives and businesses he has transformed!

- Carolann Brockman, Bookkeeper

The Regular Price of the LIMITED
2 Day Closing and Marketing Boot Camp was

And the Return On Investment (ROI) is definitely hundreds of times more than that. You’ve seen the satisfaction in just a few of the reviews above.

But I Want to Make This More Than a STEAL for You!

I want to give you MASSIVE value so that it’s a complete no-brainer for you to get a ticket to this Boot Camp and skyrocket your revenue growth into the stratosphere using proven billion-dollar business principles & strategies…

Here's How You Can Get Your Hands on a Ticket to the *2* Closing & Marketing University Boot Camp...

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David Hannemann with John Di Lemme

"The strategies that I learned over the past two days are highly valuable marketing principles and words that will lead to my mind-blowing results. I will take this wisdom to build and grow my loyal customer base.

I will consistently implement and learn from my failing forward experiences to confidently customize, specialize, and improve my strategic funnel system to produce a memorable customer experience."

See you at the next Closing & Marketing Boot Camp!

- David Hennemann, Realtor

Now of course - as with any worthwhile investment, your results will vary wildly. Many people are simply not action takers…

But since you’ve had enough discipline and willpower to read this far, it’s safe to assume you’re not one of them. You are an action-taker, someone who will extract the most value possible out of this event.

Get started SKYROCKETING your revenues, developing RAVING FANS, collecting UNBELIEVABLE reviews, and get new customers EFFORTLESSLY… Raising your prices, and feeling more fulfilled with your business - RIGHT NOW.

I Guarantee that the Closing & Marketing Boot Camp will EXPLODE Your Results...Test Me and See!

P.S. If you want to SKYROCKET your business results, develop extreme customer service, turn your customers into raving fans, and raise your prices while growing your cash flow - Then you must COMMIT to attend the *2* Day Closing and Marketing Boot Camp!

The only way you lose money is by not grabbing a hold of your ticket to this event, and not applying these incredibly, powerful, actionable teachings to create your own million… ten-million… or even BILLION dollar business.

Don’t wait on the sidelines for your business to grow on its own. Take the growth into your own hands…Reserve Your Seat Today…and see the results you get!

Grab a Hold of Your Ticket to the *2* Day Closing & Marketing Boot Camp NOW!

Here's How You Can Get Your Hands on a Ticket to the *2* Closing & Marketing University Boot Camp...

Give Us a Call

Call (561) 847-3467 to speak with Christie about securing your seat Plus Bonuses!

Shoot Us a Text

Text (561) 847-3467 with your name and the best time for Christie to give you a call about your ticket.

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That's Right! Email to schedule a time to chat about the Boot Camp and how to reserve your spot.